Jan. 9, 2022

2021 MMA Awards and 2022 MMA Predictions

2021 MMA Awards and 2022 MMA Predictions
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Happy New Year! 

This is our version of the Oscars! The Emmys! The Razzies! We had a few weeks hiatus since MMA promotions have gone on leave for the holidays, but we’re back with our own year end awards. Not only do we give our best fight, best fighter, etc. awards, but we also talk about our best and worst bets, parlays, and picks this year. Which bets made us the most money? Which bets did Brandan fly to Las Vegas for and not be able to wager on? Welp, you’ll have to listen and we’ll be back next week with this year’s first MMA Breakdowns and Bets UFC card, as we have a fight coming up shortly!

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