World renown MMA coach, Santino DeFranco, and MMA betting extraordinaire, Brandan Olivas breakdown the best MMA fights for you to place your money on for sports betting. They break down the fights from an insider's perspective, as opposed to just being fans of the sport. Santino has trained the likes of numerous UFC, Bellator, and PFL fighters including Henry Cejudo, The Korean Zombie, Tracy Cortez, Eryk Anders, Kamuela Kirk, and many, many more. Brandan is an MMA fighter as well, and has made well over six figures in the last few months on MMA betting. Listen to Brandan and Santino break down fights. Break down picks. And break down where their money is going and why! Please like and subscribe, and share with your friends. Also follow them on IG at: @santinodefranco @brandanolivas On Itunes - Google Podcasts - Spotify - Iheartradio - Stitcher - and more!

About the Hosts

Brandan OlivasProfile Photo

Brandan Olivas


"Millionaire" Brandan started training Brazilian Jiu JItsu when he was 15 years old and has won numerous national and world competitions. He is an amateur fighter and co-host of MMA Breakdowns and Bets. He's a betting shark--and regularly has his ear to the rumors when it comes to the right money lines and where to place bets.

He recently won over $1.2 million on BKFC, and his total winnings for 2022 were over $1.5 Million!

Santino DeFranco


Santino DeFranco is World Champ MMA coach, and has trained Henry Cejudo, Korean Zombie, Deiveson Figueiredo, Tracy Cortez, Eryk Anders and many, many more. He is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and a former professional fighter as well. Santino specializes in watching film with his fighters, so having him analyze film and breakdown fights, just makes sense!

Outside of the MMA world, Santino is a businessman (owns a gas station in Phoenix) and an entrepreneur/investor. He is also an author of a memoir, and was a former college English instructor. He has a wife and two kids