July 13, 2022

Brian Ortega vs Yair Rodriguez: UFC Breakdowns | Bets | Predictions

Brian Ortega vs Yair Rodriguez: UFC Breakdowns | Bets | Predictions
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Just like we said, a lot of people lost a lot of money last week on that landmine of a card. Fortunately, Brandan and Santino didn't fall for all the chaos! Santino went 6/8 on his picks posted on the Patreon and Discord. This week isn't very different--a lot of spots to avoid, but some good ones too. Have a listen and hear what Santino thinks of this week's card, as Brandan is on vacation in Austria after his fight last weekend. In case you're wondering, he won. After a 3 1/2 year layoff due to some health issues, Brandan  beat a tough 5-0 fighter.

Please check out Santino's memoir where he struggles with pursuing a life as an MMA fighter, but is encountered with the news of a brain aneurysm. He talks about overcoming the fear of death, and how failure is okay, but quitting is never an option: 

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